9 and 63/64 fingers

Every harpists’ worst nightmare! I was just bragging to my husband last week about how I have never cut myself in the kitchen. Fate decided to take me down a peg.


*explicit * I was slicing scallions to use as a garnish for dinner and whoops! I sliced off the part of my left index finger where my playing callous is along with a little bit of my fingernail. I’m in full on panic mode.

I haven’t had the courage to look at it since the accident. I have left all the nursing to my husband because I’m a wuss and he is a woodworker and has delt with this kind and stuff before. He says I’ll be fine and should be playing again within the week. I’m trying to believe him, but I am not sure he fully comprehends my degree of wuss-ness.

Wish me luck! Anyone else do something so careless?

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