Returning to Normal

My routine is slowly getting back to whatever normal is. I’m getting some warm-ups in and learning new material while the baby naps, then mostly refreshing existing repertoire in the evening. That may be the only downside to having a regular gig. You have to keep ALL OF IT fresh, and I’m adding more every week.

Except for the last two weeks, that is. As my wise husband predicted, I was only a couple of weeks away from the harp after I sliced off just a bit of my index finger. My fingernail is still missing a corner, but the skin underneath is doing well. Playing again wasn’t comfortable until today. Well, as comfortable as building up a callous on new flesh can be.

I got my Tascam recorder back. Good thing I was able to get the labor warranty extended an extra week, or else it would have cost me more than the unit itself to get it fixed. Kinda sleazy business model. After three months, you pay the shipping and labor (minimum $60) to fix the problem. At least I’ll be able to start recording again! Working recorder, working fingertips! Bring it on!

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