First North Georgia job!


IMG_20170903_141231730_HDR.jpgHello, internet! I am pleased to inform you that the first gig I have gotten up here in north Georgia was by good ol’ fashioned footwork. Remember that post a couple weeks ago about trying to promote myself and I stopped at a beautiful winery? Well, I ended up working out a relationship with Frogtown Wines that will hopefully prove to be beneficial for both of us. I will be playing for their Sunday brunch for a couple of hours for the foreseeable future.

Time will tell how this relationship works out for the both of us, but the patrons out on their lovely deck seemed to enjoy it. I did, too!


This picture was taken by a fellow musician as a guest requested Free Bird and waved his phone flashlight in the air. People + wine = fun.

I was a little concerned about my stamina as I haven’t spent a lot of continuous time at the harp since my daughter was born. More like a little practice here and there. I was doing pretty well for two hours of playing. Must be all the new baby – lifting arm muscles. 🙂

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