Advertising Through the Big “gig sites”

Well, we’ll have to see how some of this pans out. I have had to step up my visibility on the internet, because right now it doesn’t seem like Google knows my website exists. It sounds like a natural thing, nothing I have done wrong. Yet. People have to visit your site and you have to have a lot of links and cross connections to increase Google’s chances of finding you.

Since I want to have my harp music as my source of income so that I can continue to raise my daughter during the week, I need help to become more visible on the internet. I also don’t have a lot of capital to invest. WeddingWire seems to be great for this area, but it is just too much to invest at this point. The bummer is that you can have a free account with many of these sites, but they don’t do much for you. My free WeddingWire account won’t even come up if someone searched for a harp in my hometown. You have to pay for that.

So, I do have free accounts, if nothing other than to link them to my website which I DO want people to find. GigSalad is a free account that may prove useful, as Google seems to be able to locate my GigSalad page and I have gotten some leads on folks looking for a harpist already.

I did invest in a basic GigMasters account today. It was on sale and I have two months to book something to recoup the cost or I can cancel. Seems like a good option. I have gotten 8 leads in 6 hours. There are plenty of other harpists interested in those, though. Nothing guarantees that people will actually want to hire me. This becomes even more difficult as I don’t have any reviews yet. No one buys something without reviews these days.

So the quest for recognition continues. For someone who was previously so private on the internet, I feel flat out reckless!

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