Aw, Tascam!

I’ve been working on recording all of my wedding clips, and tonight my little handheld recorder decided to go on the fritz. I think I have to send it somewhere since I bought it online a few months ago.

When things like this happen, sometimes it pays to go to the brick and mortar store. Too bad you can never predict when things like this will happen.

Until now, I’ve liked my little recorder. Used with Audacity, I can record one long clip with a couple of takes and choose my favorite. It takes a little fiddling to find the right placement of the recorder and recording volume. I had it set for a while where my recording sounded really tinny. I had to ask my husband “Is this really what I sound like?!” No. I just had the distance /recording volume ratio off so the reverb of the harp was lost and all you got was string noise.

Come to think on it.. I should have written those settings down. Oops.

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