People are tired of waiting for COVID to pass

After months of canceled and rescheduled weddings, several couples have decided to not reschedule any more. Many are gambling with the variable summer weather to have safer outdoor ceremonies, providing hand sanitizer, coordinated masks and other adorable wedding in the time of COVID themes like “spread love, not germs.”

My first day back at work was an intimate ceremony at the Roswell River Landing (

Harp at the Roswell River Landing

The site was really easy to navigate with a harp, they had a building in case of rain (they had the reception set up here). The ceremony itself overlooked the river, and people on kayaks and boats were always floating by and yelling out congratulations to the couple. It was pretty pleasant for August in Atlanta. Right next to the water with lots of big shade trees made this a really pleasant afternoon. Still hot, but pleasant.

I got to wear my new silk mask for formal occasions. I debated getting one covered in rhinestones, but felt that was just TOO much bling for me. 😊

A Couple of weeks later, I found myself at the Lodge at Cat Creek in Franklin, NC ( I set up in a little gazebo, but needed a little help. There were some big stepping stones that had to be moved because, well, harps can’t step. I have a cart, so it can roll, but it often high centers on things like rocks. Anyway, I got a few guys to dig the rocks out and help lift the harp into place. I think men in suits try even harder to prove their usefulness.

The harp successfully installed in the gazebo at the Lodge at Cat Creek in Franklin, NC

The ceremony site was beautiful, a nice view in a large field. The field was down the hill from the actual lodge, probably a quarter mile or so. I don’t like the leave the harp unattended, so I just stayed out at the ceremony site. Well, I arrived in normal clothes expecting to have to do some heavy lifting to get the harp into place, which meant that I had to change into my nicer wedding attire. See that green building back there? I went behind there and changed my clothes before anyone arrived for the ceremony. Being in the woods for the majority of my adult life (I’m also a wildlife biologist) still comes in handy, even as a harpist.

View from the ceremony site at the Lodge at Cat Creek

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