Summer Update

Vintage Oaks Farms, Watkinsville, GA

I’ve been pretty bad about posting and taking pictures of the venues I’ve been at this summer. It has honestly been pretty slow since having the baby. Since she hasn’t wanted any food that isn’t straight from the source, so to speak, I have been very hesitant to get out and play very far or very long.

Hats off to my wonderful husband who has been bringing the girls to a park nearby while I play and coming in during breaks for me to feed the baby. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I managed to change my own bass wires! I had to get some serious wire cutters because the normal ones weren’t doing the job.


It took a few nights and it was very nerve-wracking. That’s a good chunk of change in my hands and if you mess up a bass wire, you can’t exactly just go to Walmart to get a new one. I’m fortunate I can go down the road to the Atlanta Harp Center, though. Not everyone has that option.

I played a few weddings. One wedding I played for at the Brasstown Valley Spa and Resort (, I also reception afterwards. Brad had the baby on stand-by for a few hours while I nursed her during my breaks. The MOB was so amazing understanding and very supportive. She was also was kind enough to send me some photos from the wedding photographer. I don’t get many photos of me actually play at the venues, so it’s a nice change from my “lonely harp” or selfies.

The Creekside Pavillion at the Brasstown Valley Spa and Resort

I returned this year to Lake Toxaway ( for their Mother’s Day brunch. It’s always so nice to see families gathering for a good meal with their mommas. Again, my husband spent the day with the kids at a nearby park so I could… You guess it! Nurse the baby.

Mother’s Day brunch at Lake Toxaway Country Club

I got to play in my hometown, too! A pretty house and barn venue called Sanctuary Estate ( It was wonderful as a harpist, because I got to have the harp on the porch and have a great vantage point of everything going on in the ceremony. It was toying with rain that morning, and I was afraid I was going to have to wait it out, but the porch will allow me to play there no matter what the weather!

Sanctuary Estate in Cleveland, GA. Yup. Forgot to take the harp and venue picture. The harp is technically in the Prius, so I kinda got it… 

I got to bust out my twinkle lights before Christmas in the cellars of Monteluce Winery ( This was awesome because it was a completely candlelit ceremony (except my twinkle lights, I guess… Oops). There were probably hundreds of candles all around the room. And it smelled so good down there!

Cellars at Monteluce Winery and Restaurant in Dahlonega, GA

I’m going to have some back-to-back posts since I took until November to get this up!

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