Summer wedding

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive booking this outdoor wedding that took place at the end of July in Georgia. Regardless of whether or not shade is provided (and I always ask that it is), playing in 90 degrees and humidity is not entirely pleasant. Your fingers stick to the strings and you start sweating through your pretty dresses.

On this day, I was pleasantly surprised with both the beauty of the venue and the weather. Firstly, the drive to the cabins in Smithgall Woods State Park ( is almost worth renting the cabin even though I live 15 minutes away. The access is limited to people staying in the cabins, so it is a very secluded, moss-full drive.

Drive to the cabins at Smithgall Woods State Park

There is a road that goes right past where the wedding was held in a field, but I opted to park where I didn’t have to drive across a stream (paved road, I’m sure it’s fine) in the Prius.

The wedding setup was lovely and intimate, with the late afternoon sun blocked by the trees, putting most of the guests in the shade by the time the ceremony started.

Meadow for weddings at Smithgall Woods State Park

I set up my battery powered amplifier and was ready to go with plenty of time to get changed and make myself presentable after harp moving. I was also still able to fit in my favorite wedding gig dress, which wasn’t possible later with the pregnancy.

After the ceremony, I offered the harp as a backdrop for some wedding photos for the bride and groom. I often do this  but surprisingly have had very few takers.


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