Cavender Creek Vineyards wedding

Hi all!

I had the privilege to play for a very considerate couple a few weeks ago. While I explicitly write in my contract that the harp has to have adequate shade on hot days (over 80°F), and adequate shelter if there’s a threat of rain, I still get nervous that when the day comes, these things won’t be provided. Not only does shade reduce the chances of your harpist passing out, harps are made of wood and as they get hot, they will go horribly out of tune. I don’t want to pass out OR sound bad…

I was well taken care of for this wedding! Jessica and Bobby supplied a large patio umbrella that made this 90° afternoon downright comfortable.



Unfortunately, the sun reduced the number of guests that I got to play for before the ceremony because everyone arrived at the ceremony site shortly before the wedding. Maybe they could hear me down the hill…

The ceremony, people and venue created a day that I think anyone would love to have as their wedding.

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